Women's football league 2016

The eagerly anticipated Women’s Football League (WFL) 2016 kicked off on Sunday, May 15, 2016. With the Academy Strikers -v- Academy Warriors. Team Captains Willandra Elliott and Patrice Senior, respectively, proudly lead their teams to the field. Fierce competition immediately came into play as each team’s hunger to score goals were evident.

Ten year old Anika Sidden the youngest participant was given an opportunity to show case her talent as her teammates from the Academy Warriors ensured that she was given multiple opportunities to score goals. However within the first twelve minutes Willandra Elliott of the Academy Warriors came charging through with her normal defiant position and scored the first goal of the day. Ms. Elliott aka “the Wall” is known for her strong stance as a defender, however, given that her team had only eight players for the day she noted that a decision was
made to have her at the fore-front for the day.

Patrice Senior, Captain for Academy Strikers held her own as the strong defender she is known for. However, Ms. Senior also stepped outside of her playing zone by taking the position as Goal Keeper for her team. Academy Strikers made a few adjustments during the game which produced a positive result as Tanealsha Huggins was able to score her teams only goal for the day. Ms. Huggins is a past player who have recently returned and her goal scored in the forty third minute of the game was an obvious motivator for both her and her team.

The first match resulted in Academy Strikers 1 – 1 Academy Warriors.

Sunday, May 22, 2016 saw Academy Warriors -v- Academy Hurricanes. Venisha Alfrena aka “Shrimpy” from Academy Warriors immediately kicked into super fast mode as a defender to shield her goal. Given her fast pace, Ms. Alfrena was able to cover both middle and back as Academy Hurricanes moved in to secure their first goal by player Emilda Burke, Coach of the North/Middle Academy who was obviously excited to play her first league game. Academy Warriors quickly tightened their defence and moved in to even the score with a goal by the swift feet of Sarah Cenary. Evident by their fierce plays Academy Hurricanes were eager to gain control of the game as Christma Jean Louis ensured that her team gained the edge by scoring another well deserved goal.

Competition was in its highest gear during the second half as the more experienced players of the Academy Hurricanes ensured that many opportunities on goal were taken advantage of. However, this was to no avail as Ms. Cenary aka “Baller” was able to quickly move in and satisfy her undeniable taste and longing for more goals by scoring an additional two goals.

The second match resulted Academy Warriors 3 – 2 Academy Hurricanes.

Candace Hanchell, President of the Women’s Football League stated, “I am happy to see the return of players who are currently pursuing their educational studies overseas participating in the 2016 Women’s League – players like Briandi Brooks, Sarah Cenary and Shinaydine Pluvoise. This is an indication that we have made a positive contribution to their lives and they are eager to encourage others and give back.”

Executives of the Women’s Football League continue to encourage females of all ages to get involved, regardless of their age or playing experience. Registration is ongoing to enable a larger participation within the league.

The general public is invited to attend the third match on Sunday, May 29, 2016 at 5:30pm. All matches will take place at the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association’s NationalAcademy.