North 5v5 League

In creating more community football awareness on the island of North Caicos, TCIFA launched an organized small sided (5v5) men’s league on March 12, 2017.  For a number of years, men from the island anticipated weekend gatherings where they would play recreational football. Challenged with the numbers to establish a full blown 11v11 tournament, the participants managed to create 4 teams of 8 players, where 5 players including the goalkeeper are allowed on the field. Each game lasted 40 minutes; 20 minutes per half with a 10 minute halftime break. The league season ran for 10 weeks, with each team playing the other at-least once in the first round.

On Saturday, May 21st, “Best of the Best” claimed a resounding victory in the inaugural North 5v5 North 5v5League. In second place was the “Tiger Warriors”, and third place Champions and Physic Strikers. Justin Richardson of “Best of The Best” was awarded the Golden boot and Yberne Phelistin of “Tiger Warriors” the league's MVP. 

North 5v5 Final: Best Of The Best 3, Tiger Warriors 0


“This venture will afford North Caicos the opportunity to share in organized football, whilst bringing more awareness, growth, and development to the sport on a community level and eventually beyond. Sponsors are welcomed to take advantage of this milestone for North Caicos to help us grow football and provide Sunday evening football vibes.”