PPL Champions results

PPL Champions:  Full Physic 6, Small world 1

Although Teachers were mathematically still able to get to the Plate final, it was always going to be a struggle despite Sharks also missing players.  Starting with nine men, Teachers still put up a good fight being marshalled by the experienced Damian Palmer.  Rodrigo Torres opened the scoring for Sharks after 5 minutes but Jeftho Joachin equalized for Teachers 2 minutes later with the young Teachers squad testing the Sharks defence with an average age of around 50 years.  Pendieno Brooks saved a penalty for Sharks whilst the Teachers keeper made a number of great saves.  Vibert Sonson made it 2-1 to Sharks and then Torres scored again soon after.  Despite a couple more goals from Teachers, the Sharks took command with three more goals from Torres, two from Brian Gregg and goals from Nevers and Bell.  Damion Palmer and Jimmy Charles got the two goals for Teachers, the latter a particularly stunning dribbled goal through about five defenders and the goalkeeper.