Inter-High School Competition

In continuation of regular football activities, a two-day Inter-High School Tournament was conducted at the TCIFA National Academy on June 7th & 8th. Four schools with a total of six boys and five girls teams were represented; Wesley Methodist, British West Indies Collegiate, Long Bay High and TCI Middle School. The teams, categorized by gender, played in a round-robin format, with each game lasting 25 minutes. 

"When teens participate in group sports competitions and activities, they learn important skills that apply to situations both on and off the playing field. So, it is important for us to continue going into the schools, whilst making an effort to develop football throughout the country. We want every child in the Turks and Caicos Islands to have access to this beautiful sport" said Head Coaching Development Officer, Olivia Graveley.

Boys 3rd place, Wesley Methodist School

Boys 2nd place, Long Bay High A

Boys 1st place, British West Indies Collegiate A

Girls 2nd place, Long Bay High

Girls 1st Place, British West Indies Collegiate