U11 Inter-Island Football Festival

The Inter-Island Football Festival is just one of the many projects put on by the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) for the advancement and growth of the youth development football programmes, and it’s hoped to become an annual event. A round robin competition held on Saturday, November 11th, at the TCIFA National Academy, featured U11 teams from Providenciales, Grand Turk, South Caicos, and North/ Middle Caicos. The competing categories and winners for the morning included the following:

Girls 1st place - South Caicos

Girls 2nd place - Provo Yellow

Girls 3rd place - Provo Red

 Boys 1st place - Provo Yellow

Boys 2nd place - Provo Orange

Boys 3rd place - Grand Turk

1st place Girls-South Caicos

2nd place Girls-Provo Yellow

3rd place Girls-Provo Red

1st place Boys-Provo Yellow

2nd place boys-Provo Orange

3rd place Boys-Grand Turk

“The goal of the Inter-Island Festival is to provide a forum within which our various island programmes can play each other and test their abilities. This is just another pathway to motivate our players and help them to become the best they can be. We are providing an experience of a lifetime!” said Olivia Graveley, Head Coaching Development Officer.

To build on the success of the U9 and U11 festivals, TCIFA will stage an U13 Inter-Island Football Festival on December 9th at 10:00am. General Secretary, Oliver Smith went on to say, “This is an opportunity to not only assess the progress of our players on the other islands, but also to integrate the talented players in our National Youth Teams”.