Women's Football League Registration

The World’s Football Governing Body, FIFA, through its Women’s Football Development Programmes, provides Member Associations with  multifaceted support. This includes but is not limited to  providing football uniform and related equipment aimed at the development of the women’s game.

 This endeavor has assisted the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) by replenishing the Women's Football League with sufficient football equipment (i.e. athletic shorts, jerseys, socks, goal-keeping gloves, bibs, football boots, shin guards and balls) for four teams.  On the evening of Saturday November 18th, registration and distribution of gear for the Women’s Football League began.

Candace Hanchell, TCIFA 2nd Vice President and Chairman of Women’s Football thanked FIFA for their generous donation. “We are extremely grateful to FIFA for supplying the league with the necessary equipment to kick start the upcoming Women’s Football League. We would also like to thank the volunteer coaches and encourage members of the community to become more involved by joining our volunteer programmes as it is vital to the success of our mission. Additionally, we look forward to having a greater participation of younger players and fresh faces.”

The TCIFA’s President Sonia Bien-Aime added her thanks to FIFA for paying special attention to the Women’s Game in the region and specifically, the Turks and Caicos Islands. “It is these types of initiatives by FIFA that demonstrates a commitment to the women’s game while simultaneously recognizing the need to provide the resources to fulfill this necessary objective.   Our thanks to FIFA is limitless as we as an Association strive to play our part in lifting women’s football in the TCI”.

The Women's Football League is currently accepting registration, and it will remain open leading up to its commencement.