TCI Girls Beach Soccer National Team geared up for CYG

TCI Girls Beach Soccer National Team, departing to Nassau, Bahamas.

The Commonwealth Youth Games (CYG), held every four years, is an international multi-sport event organized by the Commonwealth Games Federation, for athletes ages is 14 to 18 years old. The 2017 CYG, scheduled to occur on July 19-23, is said to be the largest international sporting event to be hosted in the Bahamas, and the largest ever edition of the youth games, with over 1300 athletes hailing from 70 nations and territories. 

"Though Beach Soccer is new to the majority of the team, there has been an all-around general enthusiasm to learn the concepts and tactics behind the game," said Chris Bryan, Coach, and chairperson of the TCIFA Beach Soccer Committee.  "The girls have been training diligently for the tournament since the beginning of March and there has been a significant improvement in their general technical skills, which are necessary to play the game at the high level required for international competition. The Nassau stadium they will be competing in is a magnificent venue built specifically for the FIFA2017 Beach Soccer World Cup, and my hope is that all the girls will come back with a positive experience so that they will all want to build on what they have worked hard for together as a team." The CYG Beach Soccer games will be making its debut at the Malcolm Park Beach Soccer Facility.

President Bien-Aime added "This is huge! This is not a CONCACAF or CFU Qualifier, but the significance of the CYG is great! Our girls have been afforded the opportunity to represent the Turks & Caicos Islands on the international stage in Beach Soccer for the first time, and they have come a mighty long way. I want them to allow themselves to have fun, all whilst giving it the best that they've got. I bet they'll come out successful. Regardless of the score, we'll be pleased with the team's performance, and we'll be cheering them on. I am proud of them already, and will be when they return; win, lose or draw."

The Turks and Caicos Islands will compete against three other countries for the winning title; i.e. Bahamas, Jamaica, and Trinidad and Tobago. Graveley expressed, "I am very excited to lead a very enthusiastic set of girls, that have been very dedicated to the process. I have seen a significant development in the team that makes, not only me, but everyone here at the TCIFA extremely happy. We have created a tightly knitted relationship, and we're going into this as a family. It's very important to us that we support each other." Graveley went on the thank Ms. Hanchell for her continuous and unwavering efforts in ensuring that all the girls were properly prepared to travel for the tournament.

(L-R) Head Coach Olivia Graveley, TCI CGA President Alvirto Smith, Team Manager Paula Garland

Game Schedule

July 19 - 4:15pm - Trinidad & Tobago vs. TCI
July 19 - 6:45pm - Jamaica vs. Bahamas
July 20 - 4:25pm - Trinidad & Tobago vs. Jamaica
July 20 - 6:45pm - Bahamas vs. TCI
July 21 - 4:15pm - TCI vs. Jamaica
July 21 - 6:45pm - Bahamas vs. Trinidad & Tobago
July 22 - 4:15pm - Women's 3rd vs. 4th
July 22 - 6:45pm - Women's Final

TCI Girls Beach Soccer Delegation

#1 - Guerline Hall          Forward/ Goalkeeper
#2 - Danarah Brooks     Defender
#3 - Kevania Joseph       Defender
#4 - Dessa Douglas        Midfielder/ Defender
#5 - Fabian Saint Vil      Defender
#6 - Alivia Brooks         Midfielder/ Forward
#7 - Sydnee Campbell     Captain/ Defender/Midfielder
#8 - Jemima Charles       Defender
#9 - Erica Jean-Louis     Defender
Olivia Graveley             Head Coach
Paula Garland               Team Manager

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