UEFA/FIFA Women in Leadership – Taking a next step together

Photo 16-07-2017, 6 13 01 PM.jpg

150+ Graduates of the FIFA Female Leadership Development Programme (FLDP) gathered in Amsterdam on July 15-16th, 2017 to celebrate their success and mission to promote women in leadership positions, and take it another step further in developing a new and improved version of the FIFA Leadership Programme, adapting it to the needs of the member associations and confederations. In attendance, was TCIFA graduate, Candace Hanchell, as well as President Sonia Bien-Aime, who served as a mentor during the FLDP's first edition. Bien-Aime was given the opportunity to speak on her journey to becoming one of only two female FIFA MA Presidents, as well as having an Executive Committee with 5/9 female members at the TCIFA.