Women's National Team Media Sensitization Workshop

On Saturday, August 12, 2017, TCIFA hosted a Media Sensitization Workshop for its Women's National Team,  presented by Mrs. Ava Dayne- Fulford, Founder and Managing Director of Island Printing and Graphics, a printing and promotional marketing company in Providenciales. Ava has a vast length of knowledge and experience as her former roles in the TCI Civil Service ranged from Reporter (both print and television), Producer, Director and Administrator. She was also appointed as Managing Director of TCI News Media Network, with the task of establishing and launching the government’s first owned and operated television station. Following this, she was made Head of marketing at Digicel TCI.

The ability to present information well in the media is a necessity as it is one of the most powerful forms of marketing. Ava covered topics such as preparing for media encounters, showing positive and bold body language, preparing for difficult and uncomfortable questions, how to be clear and avoid the possibility of being misquoted, changing the direction of an interview, and how to use social media as a tool for marketing onesself and their platform. With techniques, tips, and tricks, the participants would use them to develop and refine theirs skills of coherently and effectively speaking to members of the media.

TCIFA Vice President and chairman of the Women's Football Committee, Candace Hanchell, expressed that "The initiative to have our players educated on media sensitizing was absolutely necessary as media has a massive effect on sports.  The instantaneous effect of social media makes it even more pivotal that our players are fully prepared for every aspect of the game, including media.  Many thanks to Mrs. Ava Dayne-Fulford for partnering with us in this venture and congratulations to the participants."