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Last year’s Turks Head Cup winners, Full Physic, played against the 2017 PPL champions, Beaches.  Both teams had a few changes with Full Physic having lost a couple of players but gained big Samuel Nacius, and Beaches whose their star keeper was Patrick Grant used Stephen Parnell in goal. Beaches also brought in Lenford Singh and Ketroy Rose from Cheshire Hall. 
2-1 Victory for Full Physic against Beaches in the 2018 opener. Goals from Samuel Nelcius and Johnson Joseph taking the points for the victors.




Despite having lost a couple of players to Beaches, Cheshire Hall still looked strong having recruited David Jasmin and Antoine Watson.  SWA Sharks have been the most prepared team, judging from attendance to training on Monday nights, and appeard stronger having recruited Wildens Delva, Peterson Pluviose and some new arrivals to assist Brian Gregg and Pendino Brooks in bringing down the fairly high average age of the squad.  Brian Gregg opened the scoring on the half hour with a good shot into the top right hand corner from the edge of the box. The SWA Sharks defence martialled by captain Daz Meehan was well organised, which meant that despite having the lion’s share of possession, Cheshire Hall was unable to convert this into goals despite Rodney Etienne having a couple of chances; but Pendeino Brooks brought off several good saves. Brian Gregg made it two on the hour and Peterson Pluviose made it three after a Gregg's free kick, which the Cheshire Hall keeper, Swaby, was unable to gather.




January 27th saw the first PPL game between two TCIFA Academy teams, The Eagles and The Jaguars. Unfortunately it was a bit of a learning curve for the younger Eagles, but they more than acquitted themselves in the first half by only being 0-2 down at half time. Alouidor and Messieur were the scorers in the first half for the Jaguars but the Eagles had one good chance and were holding their own.

The Jaguars increased the pressure in the second half with their strength and fitness taking their toll on the Eagles, and Burey's goal on 52 minutes killed off the game. Messieur, Burey again and goalkeeper Evelson Jean made it 6-0 by the end.

Whilst Coach Dane Ritchie will be more than happy with the Jaguars performance, especially in the second half (which puts them on top of the League), Coach Maclaren was not too downhearted either. Being their first appearance together, he saw that the Eagles will improve, become sharper and more familiar with each other and maybe there will be one or two senior experienced recruits to help them before the next game.

Academy Eagles

Academy Eagles

Academy Jaguars

Academy Jaguars

Player of the Week:  Ricardo Joasilius (Academy Jaguars.)

Player of the Week: Ricardo Joasilius (Academy Jaguars.)