Bordier Bank Partners With The TCIFA Women’s Football Development Programme

One of the biggest challenges in Women’s sports today, is generating enough support to reinvest into the exposure that may fuel its future development. This becomes extremely difficult when we consider that rightly or wrongly, the thinking in society and in fact the reality, is that men’s sports are prioritized over that of women. Women Sports has long been relegated to the backburner resulting in a lower following and event attendances when  compared to Men’s sport, and as such, Sponsors are slow to support the female game.

With the advocacy of programmes like FIFA Live Your Goals and celebratory events such as Concacaf Women’s Football Day, there has in recent times been a growing interest in Women’s Football. These landmark events strive to create awareness and the  development of football for young girls and women with the objective of increasing participation and popularity in Women’s Football. This in turn has generated excitement and resolve  in the various Member Associations. In addition to hosting  these events, the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) has restructured its strategic plan to reassess the recruitment and retention of players and coaches for different levels at the grassroots programme, to strengthen its female base. One of the main aims is to create a larger pool of players in constructing an under-15 and under-20 Women’s National Football Team within the next 2 years. The key values of Women’s Football are respect, transparency, unity, passion, excellence and integrity.

With the new U15 girls “Empower Me” league in the works, in addition to many other things, there is more potential success on the horizon, and a huge opportunity for growth.  Bordier Bank (TCI) Ltd., a long-standing partner of the TCIFA, recognizes this, in their efforts to boost the profile for the women’s game.

Bordier Bank is a former Brand Name Sponsor  of TCIFA’s signature fund raising event – the Golf Scramble; and as a result of their partnership, the TCIFA has succeeded in its mission to support the youth development football programmes throughout the years.

Bordier Bank (TCI) Ltd provides commercial banking services. The company is headquartered in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands. Bordier Bank (TCI) Ltd operates as a subsidiary of Bordier & Cie, Private Bankers.

Candace Hanchell, TCIFA 2nd Vice President and Chairman of Women’s Football, had this to say, “I would like to express a heartfelt thank you to Bordier Bank for taking this brave and bold step of granting financial support specifically for Women’s Football. This is a testament of their dedication to empowering girls and women and ensuring that opportunities for the female gender are uncompromising.” 

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