Beaches Turks & Caicos Announces Real Madrid Football Clinics at the Turks & Caicos Islands Football Association


On Tuesday, June 5th, Beaches Turks & Caicos hosted a press conference at its Caribbean Village to announce the partnership of Real Madrid Foundation and the Sandals Foundation to bring football clinics to the Caribbean in 2019. This would include both Beaches Resort homes - Negril (Jamaica) and Providenciales, as part of the Beaches “Liv+ Events” Programme, based on limited edition events and guest experiences centered around sports, music, culture, culinary, voluntourism, and social interest.

The Real Madrid Foundation is an extension of the Spanish professional football club, Real Madrid, implemented to develop social and cultural awareness programs throughout Spain, and other parts of the world. Its main objective is to promote the values inherent in sport, and the latter’s role as an educational tool capable of contributing to the comprehensive development of the personality of those who practice it. In addition, as a means of social integration of those who find themselves suffering from any form of marginalization, as well as to promote and disseminate all the cultural aspects linked to sport. Today, the foundation has ongoing projects occurring in 103 countries, and work with over 90,000 beneficiaries per year.

Sitting on the press panel were the Executive Director of Sandals Foundation - Heidi Clarke, General Manager of Beaches Turks & Caicos - James McAnnally, Campus and Clinics Area Manager of Real Madrid Foundation- Andres Muntaner Borrajo, Turks & Caicos Islands Minister of Health, Agriculture, Sports and Human Services- Hon. Edwin Astwood, and TCIFA President - Sonia Fulford.

“We believe that engaging children through sports fosters discipline, leadership, patience, respect and self confidence; which are all essential qualities to the personal development of children,” expressed McAnnally. “Sports also gives children exposure and access to opportunities, including scholarships, that they may not otherwise receive. We use football to create good values and contribute to the whole development of today’s youth.”

The Turks & Caicos Islands clinic is scheduled to take place at the TCIFA National Academy on May 22-28, 2019, and expect to continue annually. The clinics will be made available to 100 paying Beaches Resort guests, and offered free of charge to 50 local children and 30 local coaches, introducing high performance skills, education, and life skills. Participants will be chosen without regard to their gender or ability.

President Fulford commented, "This is a significant achievement, not only for both foundations, but for the TCIFA as well.” "We, the executive committee and staff of TCIFA would like to thank the Real madrid Foundation and Sandals Foundation for including us in this partnership, and providing our coaches and players an opportunity to expand on their development, ultimately raising the profile of our organization. We embrace this opportunity! We’re ready to work!"