TCIFA Competes In The 2019 Edition Of The Weston Cup & Showcase

For the third consecutive year, the Turks and Caicos Islands Football Association (TCIFA) participated in the Weston Cup & Showcase; this year with the submission of three youth teams: Boys U11, Girls U12 and Boys U13. The tournament drew more than 750 teams from across the United States, Brazil, Canada, and the Caribbean, with games occurring at 10 parks and over 65 playing fields in Weston, Plantation, Miramar, and Davie Florida. This all took place during this past weekend, February 15-19, 2019.

Florida Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer sanctions the Weston Cup & Showcase. It is the largest youth soccer tournament in Florida, one of the top 15 youth tournaments in the United States of America, and is the premier President’s Day tournament for boys and girls teams. Both under U11 and U12 teams played 9-aside matches, while the U13 team played 11-a-side. Each TCIFA team competed in the bronze division with a guaranteed minimum of 3 games.

Grassroots is one of TIFA’s top priority areas. It is clear that the benefits of young boys and girls competing in international tournaments of this nature are indisputably numerous and evident. The aim is to provide the players within the TCIFA Grassroots Programme with a higher level of competition, the great opportunity to grow and develop personally and professionally, and to gain experiences they wouldn’t have gained otherwise.

TCIFA Boys U11 succeeded to the finals where they placed 2nd in the bronze division amongst 16 participating boys teams.

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