LCIS/KPMG Football Fest - Nassau, Bahamas

For the third consecutive year, the Turks and Cacios Islands Football Association (TCIFA)  participated  in the “KPMG Football Fest” for Youth Teams of both gender.  This Tournament was , hosted by the Lyford Cay International School in Nassau, Bahamas.  The 6-a-side round robin tournament played on a two day stretch (March 2-3, 2018) involved 24-minute games, each with 12-minute halves with a 2 Minute Half-Time interval. 

Historically the tournament has drawn teams from “International” Schools all around the Caribbean and in 2014, the Organizers extended an invitation to its neighbor, the TCIFA.  During this edition, both TCIFA Boys U14 and Girls U14 teams were selected to participate.

Opportunities of this nature allow players to test their technical and tactical ability  against multinational opponents. This in turn aids the TCIFA  in assessing and identifying the strength and weaknesses of those players who need closer monitoring for upcoming contests. These tournaments also provide a tool for the Technical Staff of the TCIFA to make an educated decision as to which players would be able to matriculate to the National Youth and Senior Teams. Not only is there emphasis made on the physical aspect  and the actual playing on the field, but the TCIFA recognizes and embraces the contribution these tournaments (with players from other countries and cultures) will provide in the social growth and development of its players.  It provides an opportunity of the players to learn how to effectively work together as a team, communicating, independence, leadership, and fair play.

In concluding the tournament, the TCIFA Boys U14 team achieved 3rd place in the competition, with George Ellis being awarded the MVP of Team TCI. The Girls U14 team,placed 6th in their fight for the gold. Jade Clarke was awarded MVP of Team TCI.


Girls Team Results

Mar 2  Cayman International vs. TCIFA: 2-0

Mar 2 Cayman Prep vs. TCIFA: 4-0

Mar 2  Lucayan International vs. TCIFA: 2-0

Mar 3  LCIS vs. TCIFA: 3-0

Mar 3 Cedar Renegades (BVI) vs. TCIFA: 5-1

Mar 3  Lucayan International vs. TCIFA: 1-0       (Trophy Final)

TCIFA placed 6th, Overall

Team MVP - Jade Clarke


Boys Team Results

Mar 2  TCIFA vs. AISK

Mar 2  TCIFA vs. Cedar (BVI)

Mar 3  TCIFA vs. Cayman Prep

TCIFA placed 3rd, Overall

Team MVP - George Ellis